Crediton Lake Restoration

Crediton - Natural Lake Restoration

Landmarc, a renowned landscaping and environmental management company, took on an exciting new project in the summer of 2022 located in Crediton, Devon. This project was for a private client who approached Landmarc to consult on the condition of their lake. When the Landmarc team first arrived at the project site, they were informed that the lake wasn’t holding water and had all but dried up! The client had already tried having the lake repaired by another contractor, but to no avail. The client wanted to be sure that the Landmarc team could restore their lake to its former glory before incurring any more expense.

Thankfully, Marcus, the owner of Landmarc, has over 30 years of experience working with various lakes. He was able to reassure the client that this problem was entirely resolvable, and that they would once again be able to enjoy their beautiful lake. The client was understandably pleased with this prospect, and work began shortly after.

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The first step in restoring the lake was to conduct a thorough survey to determine the cause of the problem. The Landmarc team discovered that the lake failed to hold water due to a combination of factors. The lake was built on a clay substrate, which is not ideal for holding water in the long term. Additionally, over the years, silt and vegetation had built up at the bottom of the lake, reducing its capacity to hold water. To address these issues, Landmarc came up with a multi-faceted approach. The team first began by removing the silt from the bottom of the lake. This increased the lake’s capacity to hold water and improved its overall condition. The next step was to line the lake with a high-quality, bentonite liner to prevent water from seeping into the surrounding soil. This new water-tight liner ensured that the lake would now hold water.

As with most projects, not everything was plain sailing. The first challenge that the Landmarc team faced, was limited space for machinery. Due to the lake’s location, there was limited space for the Landmarc team to park and operate their heavy machinery. This required the team to be resourceful and strategic when planning this project to ensure that they could still complete the work required even with space constraints around the edge of the lake. They had to carefully plan the location of the machinery and ensure that they could safely manoeuvre it around the lake to complete the work. The second challenge that they faced was the limited space on-site for material storage. With the limited area around the lake, the Landmarc team had to think creatively about how to store the materials needed for the project without causing inconvenience. They did this by utilising a combination of on-site storage and scheduled deliveries to ensure that they had the materials they needed exactly when they needed them. This required precise planning and coordination to ensure that the project progressed smoothly and without any delays. Despite these additional challenges, the Landmarc team was able to complete the project on time and within budget.

Overall, the project was a resounding success! The Landmarc team was able to restore the lake to its former glory, and the client was thrilled with the results. The lake now holds water and is a beautiful feature of the property once again. The Landmarc team was proud to have been able to use their expertise to solve the problem and create a beautiful, sustainable ecosystem for the client to enjoy for years to come.

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