National Trust – Killerton Estate – Devon Forestry Clearance

Working With The National Trust

In February 2022, our team embarked on an exciting project at Killerton Estate, an 18th-century property in Exeter, Devon. This historic estate is owned and maintained by the National Trust since 1944. The estate covers an expansive 25.9 square kilometres, featuring historical sites like the Iron Age hill fort, Dolbury. The National Trust’s mission was to enhance the estate’s ecological balance by removing excess trees blocking sunlight from reaching the forest floor. Part of this enhancement was also removing overgrown vegetation that was crowding out smaller plant species and resulting in poor habitat diversity.

To complete the forestry clearance project at Killerton Estate, we harnessed the power of specialised equipment, each playing a vital role in the execution. The CAT 309, equipped with a tilt-rotator & tree shear, was the perfect machine to address the challenge of unwanted trees.

The CAT 309 enabled us to surgically remove specific trees with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. This approach not only aligned with our selective clearance strategy but also reduced any potential ecological impact. By targeting only the necessary trees, we ensured the preservation of the landscape while creating a safe and welcoming environment for visitors.

In addition to tree removal, our robotic mulcher played a crucial role in managing ground-level vegetation. This efficient and remote-operated device cleared excess undergrowth and vegetation, ensuring a well-balanced ecosystem. The mulcher, with its precision and capability to handle even the steepest of slopes, was integral to the restoration of diverse habitats within the estate.

We achieved the delicate balance of project efficiency and environmental preservation by employing these specialised machines. The CAT 309 with a tree shear and the robotic mulcher, guided by our experienced team, ensured that the project’s objectives were met while respecting the natural world.

Killerton Estate - Tree Clearance with CAT 309 Excavator

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The Landmarc Difference

a cat 309 with mulching head at Killerton Estate

At Landmarc, we understand the concerns of our clients, and our approach to the Killerton Estate project is designed to address these concerns head-on. We recognise that clients value environmental responsibility and safety, and this informs our commitment to giving all of our clients peace of mind that they deserve.

Working at Killerton Estate was the perfect project to make use our specialised plant and equipment. This enabled us to undertake the project with the utmost care, ensuring minimal environmental disruption. By selectively clearing trees and vegetation in line with the National Trust’s vegetation management plan, we were able to provide them with the assurance that their ecological concerns are taken seriously.

Our approach also prioritises the preservation of local wildlife. One of their main concerns when starting the project was the presence of active badger setts. Landmarc was able to safeguard the badger setts by working at a safe distance and by following pre-approved access routes. This ensured that our actions align with responsible ecological practices. This reassured The National Trust that we prioritise not only the project objectives but also the protection of the natural world.

The Killerton Estate project serves as a testament to our commitment to eco-conscious practices and safety, showing all future clients that they can enjoy true peace of mind when working alongside Landmarc. By choosing Landmarc, clients can expect projects that meet their goals while preserving the environment, setting the stage for responsible and sustainable transformation.

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