Restoring an Eroding Riverbank in Hatherleigh

Hatherleigh - Riverbank Erosion Protection

A client from Hatherleigh approached us at Landmarc with a problem: their garden was being eroded away by the rising river levels. They were worried that if the issue was left for too long it would soon become a hazard for their home.

We quickly conducted a site visit to assess the situation and to plan out a solution. Our team discovered that the river levels had indeed been gradually eroding the edge of the garden, leading to the loss of valuable land and putting the client’s property at risk.

With our experience in riverbank restoration, we proposed a solution that would not only protect the client’s property but also ensure that their land would remain protected in extreme conditions. We worked with the client to develop a comprehensive plan that involved installing several features to reinforce the riverbank and prevent further erosion.

Riverbank Erosion Protection Using Rock Armour & Tree Stumps

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Erosion Control - Hatherleigh

First, we began by tidying up the edge of the riverbank with our Liebherr long-reach excavator. This would allow us to install a uniform row of gabion stones that would not only be effective but also provide a great finish for our clients.

Next, we installed geotextile mesh against the side of the riverbank. This mesh allows for water to pass through whilst keeping the soil of the riverbank in place. Now that the mesh was in place we began to place the rock armour. This involved placing each rock manually with the long-reach excavator until a large wall structure was completed.

Finally, the rock armour wall was backfilled with material and can now be used to grow vegetation that will strengthen the rock armour wall against future raised river levels.

In the end, our team’s expertise and attention to detail paid off. The client’s riverbank is now more beautiful and resilient than ever before. We’re proud to have helped the client solve their erosion issue and protect their property for years to come.

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