During some summer floods, Landmarc were heavily involved in the design & construction of flood defences for a number of private properties. The aim of the project seen here was to create a flood alleviation channel to divert flood waters around the customers property due to the existing culvert being too small. In order to keep to the theme of the garden and not to jeopardise the aesthetics, it was designed in a way to resemble a small brook whilst retaining the capacity for a large volume of water in a flood situation. All of the works shown were completed in-house, including fabrication of bridges & decked areas.


This leat caused problems with flooding in the village centre. To solve this issue, the banks of the leat were re-graded and bed checks were installed with the use of steel piles, in order to prevent the stream bed from being washed downstream. The rock placed in the stream bed was then compacted. Two weeks following completion, erosion matting was installed & top-soiled areas were seeded. Feedback from our National Trust colleagues is positive, the flood protection is proving successful despite extreme weather.