Cornwall Wildlife Trust Habitat Restoration

Cornwall Wildlife Trust needed part of their land cleared from small trees and scrub to create a wildlife haven. For this habitat restoration project, we used our 2 Volvo excavators with tree shears, mulching head, grabs etc, as well as our 10T tracked dumper. The ground was extremely boggy and the project being undertaken in the winter months meant we had limited light as well. Thanks to the strong lights and extra wide tracks on the plant and the use of brash mats, we were able to work efficiently.

Heathland restoration - Surrey

For this heathland restoration project in Surrey, Landmarc were required to clear 21 hectares of woodland in order to restore the area to its natural heathland state. All our excavators are fitted with timber grabs, tree shears and saws to enable the team to clear and tidy the landscape efficiently. We were able to dispose of all felled timber as saw logs or firewood, and chipped material as biomass fuel.