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Public Right of Way, Bridleways & Cycle Paths

This project involved the design and build of 2km of blue trail and 1.3km of green trail. Work was completed at this site despite atrocious weather conditions through the duration of the contract. Landmarc successfully managed to continue construction and address drainage issues to complete the contract on time and within budget. Constructing the trail in these conditions ensures that the trail is fully sustainable for the future. We have worked closely with numerous local authority teams, private landowners and national organisations in constructing public rights of way of various specifications. These landscape access solution projects include stone roads and tarmac roads.

Car Parks

The contract at Cardinham Woods for the Forestry Commission was to improve the existing car park at the visitor centre. Cardinham Woods in the heart of Cornwall attracts large numbers of visitors. The programme of works was limited under tight time constraints. Elements of the project included demolition of an existing masonry/concrete septic tank, excavation and filling of a drainage lagoon, re-grading of existing stone surfaces, construction of new access roads and parking spaces, laying of bituminous macadam surfaces, construction of knee rail fencing and associated landscaping works. Landmarc also have experience in constructing stone car parks and have carried out numerous projects for organisations.