June 25, 2024

Efficient river erosion works on the River Piall

In the winter of 2023, we were contacted by a client that was concerned by erosion of the riverbank in their garden. The river got within 5m from the house, and the owners were getting worried.

Firstly we had to apply for Land Drainage Consent from Devon County Council to allow us to work in the watercourse. This was granted at the end of April, and we got started on site at the end of May.

Access was granted by the local farmer for our excavator to track across the field to access the garden. As the weather had been dry for a few weeks, the excavator could track to the garden without causing a lot of mess in the field and on the lawn.

The excavator got to work by tidying up some of the fallen riverbank and regrading the bank so it was suitable for the rock armour placement. Next, a geotextile was laid against the riverbank to stop any of the riverbank being scoured out and back in to the watercourse. We had some local rock delivered, and our dumper transported it to the works site. This was then placed on the geotextile by the excavator, firmly up against the riverbank creating a buffer to stop further erosion. This rock armour will hold fast for many decades, creating peace of mind for our clients, and a new habitat to explore for wildlife.