April 6, 2023

Installing a composting facility for the National Trust at Buckland Abbey

We were approached by the National Trust to install an environmentally friendly composting facility in the gardens of Buckland Abbey. This facility was to upgrade from the basic compost heap used by the garden & ranger team to a four bay system which allows the compost to be rotated more frequently. 

This medieval Abbey was converted into a Tudor House, which was once home to Sir Francis Drake. Due to the historic nature of this estate, an archaeologist was required to be present whilst we were doing the excavation works. Some really interesting pieces were found, but nothing of historic significance that meant works had to be halted. 

The foundations were excavated and upright steel beams were put in place using our Caterpillar 309 excavator. Wooden sleepers were slotted in to the beams to create the walls. Then a membrane was installed against the back of the sleepers and the earth was backfilled. A concrete apron with drainage was laid in front of the bays.