October 5, 2021

Natural Swimming & Wildlife Pool near Dartmouth

We were initially approached by the client to undertake a new project in an overgrown field site with the possibility of restoring a couple of ponds. However, once all the vegetation was clear, the ponds turned out to be old slurry pits so a totally different approach had to be adopted. First off, we had to deal with the slurry issue and arrange disposal in an environmentally friendly manner. We put forward a proposal to the client which maximised the potential of the site and work commenced to create a totally unique water feature.

We utilised the existing drainage and runoff so that the pool is kept topped up by a borehole and selected rainwater run-off only. The perimeter of the pool has been turfed with areas of wildflowers. A stream, waterfalls and a header pool were constructed as a feature closer to the house, using an assortment of granite rocks, some weighing up to 3 tons. Lawns were re-landscaped, paths constructed and finally, a deck was installed which can be used both as a sunbathing deck and a swimming platform. The water is crystal clear and with a depth of 9ft at the deepest and 4-5ft off the edge of the deck, it’s ideal for hot sunny days, or wild winter swimming for the bravest!