Our range of forestry clearing equipment, including mulchers, mowers, clearing saws and tree shears, are available to fit various plant from excavators, tractors and remote machinery. With these options, we can provide solutions for all aspects of terrain. When tackling high hedges and dangerous tree limbs, we use a long reach excavator attached with a tilt rotator and circular saw or tree shears. This allows the cutting of material up to 10″ in diameter and results in a highly effective, cost efficient and flexible procedure. Over the last number of years, Landmarc have carried out steep gradient clearance using excavators with modified track systems. However, we felt that to tackle steeper ground as required by clients, we’d need a new piece of equipment. The newest addition is a remote-controlled tracked power unit which can work on gradients up to 45 degrees, mulch diameters of up to 10″ and is ideal for clearing gorse, trees, vegetation and rhododendron. The biggest factor is the safety aspect of this machine as it now doesn’t put the operator at risk.