Conservation & Restoration

Heathland Restoration Contractors

Landmarc’s nationwide heathland restoration & conservation services include clearing woodlands to restore the area to its natural heathland state.

Conservation & Restoration

Heathland Restoration Contractors

Landmarc’s nationwide heathland restoration & conservation services include clearing woodlands to restore the area to its natural heathland state.

Heathland Services

Heathlands are a type of habitat that is found in the UK and other parts of Europe. They are characterized by their open, rolling landscape, and are home to a variety of wildlife. Heathlands are under threat from development and other activities, so it is important that they are restored and preserved.

Landmarc works with a number of landowners and local authorities to undertake heathland projects. This service helps to preserve the unique and important habitats that form part of the heathland. Landmarc is able to use its vast experience and modern plant fleet to make the restoration process of a project, a precise and efficient task.

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Why Heathland Health Is Important

Heathland health is important because it is part of a key ecosystem that helps to clean the air and water. This essential part of the ecosystem also provides a home for a variety of plants and animals and plays an important role in climate regulation. These unique areas are only found in a few places around the world. They are made up of open areas of heathland plants, including areas made up of gorse and heather, as well as areas of dense woodland. This collection of plants is excellent at absorbing pollutants from the air, whilst other trees and shrubs help to filter the water. Heathlands also provide a home for a variety of other plants and animals. The smaller heathland plants tend to provide food and shelter for animals such as rabbits and lizards. Whereas larger trees and shrubs in the woodland areas provide food and shelter for larger animals such as deer and birds.

How Landmarc's Conservation Services Can Benefit Your Project

Landmarc’s conservation services can provide a number of benefits for your project. Our team of experts can help you to assess the environmental impact of your project, and develop a plan to mitigate any negative impacts. We are also familiar with the processes that many projects need to go through. For example, obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from local councils and environmental agencies. In addition, we can provide ongoing support and monitoring during the construction and operation of your project. Landmarc can also offer much more than project management, as we have over 30 years of experience in tackling a variety of conservation projects. This has ranged from installing a heathland restoration pond at a variety of conservation sites to undertaking restoration earth moving with the use of our new excavator fleet. Due to our versatility, we are able to provide a complete conservation package.

  • Expert Team
  • Experienced Project Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Over 30 Years Of Experience
  • Mitigate Negative Impacts
  • Modern Equipment Fleet
  • Help Obtaining Licenses & Permits
  • Versatile Project Experience
  • Ongoing Support
  • Restoration Specialists

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Creation Of New Lowland Space Starts With Clearance Works

The creation of new lowland areas starts with clearance works to remove scrub and trees which have encroached onto the heathland. This is an important part of heathland management as allowing scrub & tree areas to go unchecked impedes biodiversity and therefore puts a strain on the local ecosystem. The clearance works need to be undertaken in a careful and methodical way, this will ensure that the amount of damage caused to habitats and supporting vegetation is minimal. Professional restoration contractors are an important part of this process as they will have specialist equipment available to them as well as experience in this field to bring about good results. Once this clearance work has been finished, the natural influx of wildlife will help manage the space by grazing on the vegetation, this will help to keep the area manageable.

It is also important that the new lowland space is kept under observation. This is because it is sometimes necessary to give nature a helping hand when it comes to encouraging increased biodiversity. For example, for whatever reason, some lowland spaces take too long to sprout native species of plants such as heather or a variety of scrub. Management teams have done well in the past in planting some of these species themselves, this has led to positive results as the plants have flourished and provided many new habitats for local wildlife.

How Lowland Restoration Services Benefits Wildlife Conservation

Lowland restoration services provide a wide range of benefits to wildlife conservation. These services can improve water quality, restore wetlands, and create new habitats for wildlife. By undertaking a lowland restoration project to improve local water quality, the number of pollutants that enter waterways can be dramatically reduced. This can then improve the living conditions for fish and other aquatic life, as well as for the wildlife that relies on these habitats. These lowland sites play an important role in the environment and can provide a home for a variety of plant and animal species. By using lowland restoration contractors you can have a great positive impact on the health of these ecosystems. Especially, as new habitats can be created through the use of lowland restoration services. This can provide a home for wildlife that have lost their habitat, or that need a new home due to changes in the environment. These habitats can also provide a place for wildlife to find food and shelter.

  • Improve Water Quality
  • Restore Wetlands
  • Create New Habitats
  • Reduce Waterway Pollutants
  • Enhanced Wildlife Living Conditions
  • Positive Ecosystem Impact
  • Provides New Food For Wildlife
  • Mitigate Environmental Changes
  • Increased Biodiversity
  • Support Local Ecosystems

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