This silt removal project required the construction of a temporary road and the laying of swamp mats to provide access for the necessary machinery to de-silt the pool. The Landmarc team were able to remove approximately 30,000 tons of silt and made good any grassed areas, leaving the site in a tidy condition at the end of the project.


We were approached by the Fallapit residents committee to provide a report, associated costs and a method of how the work could be undertaken, minimising the disturbance to both the residents and wildlife. At the same time, the objective was to retain the silt on site to make the project financially viable. After a period, Landmarc were contracted to undertake the works. In May 2018 work began and was completed within 2 weeks. The objective was reached, within days of Landmarc leaving site, wildlife had once more returned to the pool.