Landscape Architects

Landscape Design Consultancy & Project Consultants

Landmarc's landscape design consultancy is a professional service. We provide advice & assistance to clients on a variety of aspects.

Landscape Architects

Landscape Design Consultancy & Project Consultants

Landmarc's landscape design consultancy is a professional service. We provide advice & assistance to clients on a variety of aspects.

Landscape Planning & Design

Landmarc’s design consultancy is a professional service. We provide advice and assistance to people & businesses on a variety of landscape aspects. Landscape design starts from concept and development. This is always with the goal of production and application in mind.

As design consultants, we work with clients to understand their needs and requirements. Then we develop creative solutions to help our clients achieve great results. These results need to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. We are fully involved in the production and application of the design. We believe it is vital to work along with manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors. This ensures that the final product meets our client’s expectations.

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Examples of our work

Using Landscape Planning To Increase Biodiversity

Landscape planning is a powerful tool for increasing biodiversity. By using landscape design, architects can create projects that are beautiful to look at and inviting for wildlife. This can lead to more species using the landscape and to greater biodiversity. In our experience, there are a few key things to keep in mind when planning a landscape project to attract wildlife. During consultancy, it is important to consider creating a variety of different habitat types. This will attract suitable wildlife, whilst maintaining the goals of your project. This can be done by including a mix of different vegetation types and other landscape architecture. This might include ponds and logs.
It is important when creating a detailed design landscape, to ensure that the final landscape feels connected. We have achieved this in the past, by creating pathways that curve with the landscape. This creates an aesthetic look and allows animals to move freely between different habitat patches. Finally, we have found that it is important to create a landscape that is resilient. During the planning consultancy phase, we would be careful to choose plants that are native to the area. This is vital to ensuring that they can withstand the local climate. By following these principles, we can create a landscape visual impact that is attractive to the human eye. Not only that but is also more inviting for wildlife. This will also support greater biodiversity.

Did you know that ecology surveys can help landscape designers to understand the local ecosystem? This also extends to the local climate, soil type, and plant life. This has enabled us to create more cost-effective landscapes that can withstand extreme weather.

Many people think that only large landscaping projects can benefit from using design consultancy. However, we have found that our clients who have smaller projects also experience lower overall costs. Not only that, but they also comment on shorter project timelines.

The Benefits Of Landscape Consultancy

  • Improved Project Management
  • Reduced Landscaping Costs
  • Fast & Efficent
  • Supports Local Ecology
  • Long Lasting Landscape Quality
  • Tackles A Variety Of Tasks
  • Great Space Utilisation
  • Save Time & Money
  • Speeds Up Your Project
  • Safer Working Environment

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Popular Landscape Features

  • Pathways
  • Natural Pools
  • Decked Seating Areas
  • Wildlife Ponds & Lakes
  • Aquatic Planting
  • Waterfalls & Cascades
  • Wildflower Turfing
  • Rock Features
  • Manicured Lawns
  • Orchards

Using Ecology Surveys To Aid Landscape Design

Ecology surveys are an important tool for landscape architects. They are of great help during the planning & design stage of many projects. By understanding the local ecosystem, our design teams can produce a realistic design. This will result in a landscape that is both beautiful and functional. Ecology surveys can help designers to understand the local ecosystem and also the local climate. They also help us understand soil type and plant life. This is used during landscape planning projects to create landscapes that are able to withstand extreme weather conditions. It also helps minimize soil erosion, and attract local wildlife. In addition, ecology surveys can help clients achieve more sustainable landscapes. One way that we have found this effective, is during environmental management planning. We were able to choose plants that require less water, use fewer pesticides, and provide habitats for local wildlife. By using ecology surveys to aid landscape design, we can take on a wider range of landscape projects. These projects turn out to be more beautiful, functional, and sustainable.

An Insight Into One Of Our Projects

We recently had the pleasure of working on a landscape project that was truly unique. During the planning & design phase of the project, we learned that our client had a very specific vision for their space. This resulted in us using a variety of materials to create natural-looking landscape features. We also incorporated some beautiful features & facilities that the client already had. The project involved transforming a large empty grassland into a flowing landscape. The landscape is now filled with natural pools and cascades, each with its own distinct character. We were able to use our earthmoving services to make light work of the excavation works. Alongside this, we were able to add form and texture to the landscape.

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As with many other past projects, it was essential to source high-quality trees & vegetation. We wanted to make sure that they would thrive in the local landscape conditions. During consultancy with our client, it became clear that they had a love of oak trees. This initially presented them with a stumbling block. They were unable to find a suitable species of oak that would thrive in their local climate. Thankfully, we were able to use our environmental specialist services to source a suitable oak species. This worked perfectly for their landscape and fulfilled one of their requirements. It was a pleasure to work on this project, and we’re really proud of the results. The client is absolutely thrilled with their new outdoor space, and we think it’s going to be enjoyed for many years to come.

How The Landmarc Team Can Help You

  • Client Focused
  • Over 30 Years Of Experience
  • Modern Plant & Equipment
  • Safe Working Methods
  • Quick & Efficient
  • Excellent Time Managment
  • Boosts Project Productivity
  • Certified Operators
  • Great Project Managment
  • Innovative Design Solutions

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