UK Coastal Engineering Consultants

Coastal Engineering Contractors

Landmarc is a coastal engineering specialist. Our projects include rock armour solutions at Beesands and cliff erosion management at Mevagissey.

UK Coastal Engineering Consultants

Coastal Engineering Contractors

Landmarc is a coastal engineering specialist. Our projects include rock armour solutions at Beesands and cliff erosion management at Mevagissey.

Coastal Engineering

Coastal engineering is a vital field of engineering in the UK. It helps protect our coastal areas from the damaging effects that water brings in the form of waves, storms, and flooding. Coastal engineers achieve this by designing & installing effective sea defence systems. This might include rock armour, TECCO Cell, and gabion baskets. These defences are a great asset that provides crucial protection against seawater. Without it, erosion of beaches, and erosion of surrounding land would be commonplace. It also aids the development of certain marine life in the UK.

Landmarc’s expertise in the field of coastal engineering is constantly evolving. This happens as we learn more about the coastline environment and the effects of human development. With over 30 years of experience in this field, we provide our engineering services to a range of clients. We aim to help everyone benefit from the English coastline. We do this by helping to protect it from the forces of nature.

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What is Ocean And Coastal Engineering?

Ocean & coastal engineering involves studying the design and construction of structures along the coast. These engineers will also study coastal erosion and the management of coastal areas from flooding and storms. Ocean engineering contractors in the UK will take on a range of operations. These projects will include civil engineering and small-scale projects like small beach erosion protection. They may even take on large-scale projects like ports and harbours. To offer a range of services, ocean and coastline engineers need to have a good knowledge of ocean forces. Not only this but how they can affect coastal areas. They also need to be familiar with the materials that are used to build new sea defence structures. Understanding construction methods used for building & development is also important. This insight plays a vital role in the management of sea defences. Sustainable materials & construction methods ensure that marine life is safe, whilst maintaining sound defence structures.

An essential part of the coastline engineering projects involves working with UK-based organisations. This would include institutions such as Natural England & The National Trust. An important part of our design service is that the needs of the local environment are discussed. This will aid the development of these projects when working with governance teams. Ensuring that this has happened, has enabled Landmarc to be able to achieve the desired coastline management plans. These plans will benefit the community, local animal life, and the UK marine environment.

Did you know that coastline erosion doesn’t only affect cliffs and beaches? Coastline erosion can also lead to natural assets being lost, such as wetlands, mudflats, and sand dunes. Without proper management, seawater can have a dramatic impact on our environment & working life.

Many people think that shoreline erosion only happens during floods and storms. However, shoreline erosion is a natural process that happens over time. It is caused by waves and currents hitting unprotected coasts. This slowly wears away at the land and can have a large effect on marine ecosystems without proper management.

The Coastal Services Landmarc Offer

  • Sea Defence
  • Rock Armour Installation
  • TECCO Cell Construction
  • Gabions
  • Civil Engineering Solutions
  • Coastal Defence Consultants
  • Contractor Works
  • Erosion Management
  • Excavation Works
  • Cliff Protection

Experienced Coastal Engineers

The Benefits Of Coastal Management Projects

  • Increased Ground Retention
  • Reduces Water Erosion
  • Boosts Local Communities
  • Decreased Storm Impacts
  • Improved Flood Management
  • Safeguards Marine Ecosystems
  • Prevents Cascading Problems
  • Saves Wildlife Habitats
  • Protects Against Climate Change
  • Greater Coastline Durability

The Importance Of Coastal Erosion Management

Coastal erosion is a natural process that happens over time. The erosion of our shoreline is caused by waves and currents hitting unprotected coasts. This slowly wears down the land and can have a large effect on marine ecosystems. This can also be a problem for coastal communities, as it leads to property damage and loss of land. The constant pressure on community life is why it’s important to have a good coastal erosion management plan. This ensures that the best is made of sea defence services. This will help to protect at-risk properties and keep communities safe. Thankfully, there are a number of different ways to manage coastal erosion. This includes using barriers, planting vegetation, and building structures. However, an effective way to manage shoreline erosion is by engineering a complete sea defence system.

It’s important to work with contractors who have experience with civil engineering operations. This will be a great help when developing a management plan that will serve your local community. They will be able to help you choose the best governance services for your area. A good contractor will also design a coastline management plan that is effective and sustainable. This is not only important when considering the best way to protect the current affected area. It is also important when exploring any bad effects that sea defences may show in other areas. The management plan will help to mitigate these issues later on.

How The TECCO Cell Project Changed The Game

In 2015 South Hams District Council issued tenders for work to repair the failed sea defence services at Beesands. SHDC requested an innovative design that would be an alternative to traditional rock armour. This would be for a project they were about to start. This new development would need to form a 20-metre barrier along the Beesands coastline. The Landmarc team came up with a new design for an erosion management solution. This solution uses specialist, high-tensile, stainless-steel mesh. The prototype ‘cell’ was installed in 2016, alongside the repaired rock armour. The aim was to protect the village green and residential properties. The TECCO CELL is now a patented system. It has been developed in partnership with Geobrugg. They are the global experts in the production & development of high-tensile stainless-steel mesh. The system is now being considered a solution for coastal erosion worldwide. Some countries include Oman, Japan, France, Italy, Chile, USA, UK, and Germany. A liftable version of the cell has been designed and marketed worldwide.

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The TECCO CELL is a new type of erosion management. It could change the way we currently defend our coastlines against the effects of seawater. This erosion management system is made possible by engineering confined space. The enclosed space is created by using a combination of high-tensile steel mesh & natural rock. This enables TECCO CELL to dissipate the energy of moving water. Modelling has shown, it does so better than traditional erosion management services. This is a real asset, as it means that coastlines protected by TECCO CELL will be protected for longer periods. Other benefits include reduced re-development and maintenance. The potential applications for TECCO Cell are vast. However, the technology is still in its early stages. This new type of erosion management will change the way we protect our coastlines, local marine life, and communities.

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