Erosion Control Services

River Bank Erosion Control Contractor

Landmarc are expert river bank erosion control contractors. We have over 30 years experience providing solutions to solve your erosion concerns.

Erosion Control Services

River Bank Erosion Control Contractor

Landmarc are expert river bank erosion control contractors. We have over 30 years experience providing solutions to solve your erosion concerns.

Erosion Control Measures

Erosion control measures are essential for preventing soil erosion and protecting against water damage. There are many types of erosion & sediment control. This includes physical barriers and vegetative erosion control. A combination of physical barriers, such as natural rock & logging, can be a great solution. This can help to deter animals from trampling and compacting the soil. Vegetative erosion control, such as willow planting, helps to hold the soil in place. This will prevent the drainage process from washing away soil. In our experience, using a combination of these two applications offers our clients the best solution. In many cases, it achieves one of the most long-lasting erosion management systems.

At Landmarc, we can implement many types of erosion control measures. Having the ability to use a wide range of solutions is essential. This is because the best kind of erosion control will depend on our client’s projects. It is important to adapt to site-specific solutions. By doing so we better protect the land & soil from erosion. This ensures that these solutions will stand the test of time.

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What Are 3 Methods Of Erosion Control?

There are many solutions that an erosion control contractor might consider. This is based on the specific site situation. There are a couple of common methods that a contractor might use. This might include using vegetation erosion control or installing sediment control barriers. Vegetation systems are a great solution for controlling erosion & sediment. This is because riverside plants are very good at holding soil in place. This in turn provides increased soil stabilisation. They do this by anchoring their roots into the soil. These plants also provide a protective cover that prevents rain from hitting the soil. In addition, plants help slow down the flow of river water or stormwater. This gives the soil more time to absorb the water and prevents erosion.

Natural erosion barriers are recommended to increase safety during erosion control projects. Common barriers include natural rock armour and logging from on-site sources. These barriers can help to dissipate the energy of stormwater and prevent it from directly hitting the soil. In addition, they can help to slow down the flow of water. Both of these barriers make use of a geotextile membrane. This is vital in reducing the risk of erosion to the soil as the membrane stabilises the barrier. This is because it allows water to drain through the membrane whilst not allowing the soil to be displaced with it.

Did you know that erosion can cause the loss of topsoil, which is essential for plant growth? Hiring an erosion control contractor is the first step in preventing costly damages to your property. They can use tested erosion control methods to bring long-lasting protection to your property.

Many people think that there is no need to try and control erosion as it is a natural part of life. However, many environmental assessments show that it is essential to carry out erosion control. This is because it can cause widespread property damage.

The Erosion & Sediment Control Methods We Use

  • Riverside Planting
  • Stormwater Control
  • Site Drainage Improvements
  • Rock Armour Barriers
  • Geotextile Soil Stabilization Matting
  • Soil Retention
  • Grass Hyrdoseeding
  • Verge Stabilization
  • Natural Log Barriers
  • Revetment Erosion Works

Is Your Property Suffering From Erosion?

The Benefits Of Combination Erosion Control

  • Increased Property Safety
  • Tailored Engineering Solutions
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Improves Plant Growth
  • Combats Water & Wind Erosion
  • Minimises Storm Impact
  • Enhanced Property Apperance
  • Minimised Property Flooding
  • Superior Infrastructure Design
  • Greater Durability

The Importance Of Erosion & Sediment Control

Erosion control & sediment control require critical management for several reasons. Many studies show that sediment can carry pollutants like pesticides and fertilizers into our waterways. Once erosion takes place, it can harm aquatic life and may contaminate local drinking water. This can have long-lasting safety effects as many of these pollutants can get back into the surrounding soil.

Erosion control & sediment control services also help to protect your property from damage. When rainwater runs off of bare soil, it can pick up sediment and carry it downstream. This sediment can then clog storm drains, and increase flooding, road damage, and erosion of buildings. Erosion can cause loss of topsoil which is essential for plant growth. It is a vital part of environmental risk management, that your projects use erosion control systems. This keeps soil & sediment that is on-site from being displaced elsewhere. Hiring an erosion contractor is one of the first steps that need to be taken. The contractor will implement erosion control & help prevent these costly property damages.

How Environmental Construction Processes Aid Erosion Control

Construction sites without proper construction risk management have a negative impact on the environment. Such a site can cause soil erosion, water pollution, and air pollution. Thankfully, there are ways to minimize these impacts. When construction sites start work, it is important to mitigate any erosion & sediment control issues. One way is to begin consulting with local erosion control contractors. After consulting with the local erosion control contractors, a risk assessment can take place. Any environmental concerns can then be discussed. Next, work can begin on planning potential solutions.

Take Advantage Of Landmarc's Combination Erosion Control Systems

As discussed, a range of erosion control solutions takes place on-site. This includes planting vegetation in riverbank soil and soil hydroseeding. This is excellent for encouraging grass growth. Other methods include constructing natural erosion barriers. We are also able to produce bespoke erosion management services. By using these environmental construction solutions, we reduce the amount of water & air pollution. At Landmarc, we have great success on-site with these erosion management systems.

Our clients love to take advantage of our team’s experience. Our experience in working on construction site projects with limited access is crucial. Working in these conditions is essential to achieve sustainable results. Without this capacity, many riverbanks would be off-limits. This would result in us being unable to use vital systems such as soil hydroseeding. This forms an integral part of sustainable erosion & sediment control projects.

How The Landmarc Team Can Help You

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