Plant Accessories

Specialist Plant Attachments

We optimise our plant equipment by using specialist attachments. This means one machine can handle a range of project tasks.

Plant Accessories

Specialist Plant Attachments

We optimise our plant equipment by using specialist attachments. This means one machine can handle a range of project tasks.

Plant Attachments

There are many types of excavator attachments that can be used to perform a variety of tasks. Some of the most common attachments include buckets, grabs, and breakers. However, we have found that only having generic attachments can increase project times. It also reduces the number of tasks that our excavators can tackle.

That is why we have invested in a range of specialist excavator attachments. We have found this to be vital in a variety of construction and forestry projects. For example, combining specialist plant equipment with a tilt rotator can help save time and money. Specialist attachments also perform tasks that would be difficult or impossible to do by hand.

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Specialised Attachments

Examples of our work

Using Excavator Tilt Rotators To Increase Efficiency

Excavator tilt rotators are a type of attachment. They are designed to increase the efficiency of an excavator. This helps the operator manoeuvre the machine’s attachments into tight spaces with optimal positioning. Tilt rotators can be used to aid a variety of tasks. Such as digging trenches, levelling the ground, and moving material. They are very useful for excavating in tight spaces or areas with obstacles.

Our operators have found that using tilt rotators can increase their output and efficiency. By being able to quickly manoeuvre the excavator’s attachments into the desired position, they can spend less time moving the machine. In addition, the tilt rotator attachment can help reduce wear and tear on the excavator. This is because it is not necessary to constantly move and adjust the machine. If you are considering operated plant hire, all of our large excavators include tilt rotator attachments. We know that this can help increase the output of your project.

Did you know that only having access to standard attachments can increase project times? It can also reduce the number of tasks that you can complete. That’s why at Landmarc, we have invested in a range of specialist excavator attachments.

Many people think that using basic attachment hire will be enough to complete their projects to a high standard. However, many of our clients have seen the difference in how we operate. They have seen this by the reduced project costs compared to working with contractors with standard attachment hire.

The Benefits Of Having Multiple Attachments

  • Increases Productivity
  • Great For Confined Spaces
  • Fast & Efficient
  • Versatile
  • Benefits All Operators
  • Tackles A Variety Of Tasks
  • Switch Between Attachments Quickly
  • Save Time & Money
  • Speeds Up Your Project
  • Safer Working Environment

Attachments For Every Task

Our Range Of Plant Accessories

  • Tilt Rotators
  • Mulching Heads
  • Clearing Saws
  • Strimmer Heads
  • Tree Grabs
  • Rock Grabs
  • Tree Shears
  • Hydraulic Winches
  • Turf Translocators
  • Compaction Plates

Operated Plant Hire Solutions

Landmarc is a family-owned and operated business. We have been providing quality-operated plant hire services for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our ability to get the job done right the first time. We have a wide range of operated plant hire equipment. This ranges from mini diggers to large 22-ton excavators. We are certain that with our range of operated equipment, we can complete a variety of different jobs and projects. We are completely self-sufficient when it comes to delivery and pick-up of our plant. This is because of our in-house low loader capacity. So you don’t have to worry about any of the logistics.

All of our operators are fully certified. They have undergone years of training to ensure that they are experts in their field. This enables them to operate large machinery with confidence and make sure that your projects are completed in a timely manner. Our operated plant service is made even more efficient by the specialised plant attachments that we have in-house. Many of our clients have seen the difference in how we operate. They have commented on the reduced costs they have seen compared to standard attachment hire.

Greener Work Practices

There is a growing demand for new construction projects. This also means there is more demand for mini diggers & excavators. Regrettably, plant and machinery are a leading cause of pollution and environmental damage. Landmarc strives to minimize the impact that its plant has on the environment. We have found that it is important to include training in greener work practices. For example, we have taken simple steps to reduce the idling times of excavators. Also, electrical accessories are used to flag excessive fuel consumption. Landmarc ensures that all of its excavators make use of bio-oil and have spill kits available at all times. This ensures that even in a worst-case scenario, we have done our best to mitigate any negative actions towards the environment.

Let Landmarc Boost Your Project By Using Our Specialist Attachments

Another way that Landmarc works towards greener work practices, is by employing greener equipment solutions. One of the major ways that we have done this is by renewing our excavator fleet. By updating our fleet, we have been able to benefit from cleaner running machines. This comes with increased fuel efficiency, along with a host of other environmentally friendly features. For example, one of these features enables timed cut-offs for machines that have been needlessly idling. This reduces emissions whilst conserving fuel.

How The Landmarc Team Can Help You

  • Wide Range Of Specialist Attachments
  • Over 30 Years Of Experience
  • Modern Plant & Equipment
  • Safe Working Methods
  • Quick & Efficient
  • Excellent Time Management
  • Boosts Project Productivity
  • Certified Operators
  • Great Project Management
  • Saves You Time & Money

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