Excavator & Tractor Mounted Mulching

Mulching Services

Our tractor & excavator-mounted mulchers can undertake a wide range of mulching services. From gorse & bracken to dense trees up to 12” in diameter.

Excavator & Tractor Mounted Mulching

Mulching Services

Our tractor & excavator-mounted mulchers can undertake a wide range of mulching services. From gorse & bracken to dense trees up to 12” in diameter.

Did you know that mulching can also be used for development site maintenance & clearance? Mulching is ideal for site clearance on development sites. Especially, where there is a variety of trees & bramble that needs to be removed in overgrown woodlands and fields.

Many people think that making use of plant hire is the only way to undertake mulching work. However, at Landmarc we are able to offer competitive rates and short turnaround times. We can do this as we have the advantage of using our own modern fleet of plant & equipment.


Vegetation clearance mulching is a process that uses a machine-powered mulcher to clear trees and undergrowth. The mulcher chops and mulches the trees and undergrowth into small pieces. These pieces then fall to the ground and decompose. This mulching process is a more environmentally friendly way to undertake site clearance. It beats traditional methods such as burning or clear-cutting.

Landmarc is able to take on a variety of mulching projects. This is due to its modern fleet of machines and specialist equipment. We have vast experience in undertaking mulching projects on a variety of terrains. Landmarc is consistently able to provide its clients with quality mulching & site clearance services.

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The Advantages Of Our Mulching Services

  • In House Machinery
  • Enhance Soil Conditions
  • Quick & Efficient
  • Ideal For Agricultural Development
  • Ecologically Beneficial
  • Less Impact Than Tree Removal
  • Steep Slope Capable
  • CSCS Certified Operators
  • Can Operate In Poor Ground Conditions
  • Experienced Project Management

The Importance Of Forestry Mulching

Mulching is an important part of forestry because it helps to protect the soil from erosion. It also helps to maintain soil moisture and helps to promote the growth of plants. Erosion can occur in forestry environments when wind or water carries away topsoil. This then leaves deeper soil exposed and vulnerable to damage. Making use of mulching services helps to prevent this erosion by trapping the soil particles and preventing them from being carried away. Mulching is also essential to helping maintain forestry soil moisture. Soil that is exposed to the sun and wind will quickly dry out. But mulching helps to keep the soil moist by trapping moisture in the soil. This is important for the growth of forestry plants since they need moist soil to thrive. Mulching also improves the quality of forestry soil as when the mulching materials are ground up, they break down over time and add nutrients to the soil. This leads to healthier vegetation and a more productive forestry environment.

How Does Mulching Improve Sustainability?

Mulching is able to improve sustainability in a variety of applications. Whether that’s in forestry, agriculture or site maintenance. For example, when mulching is used as an agricultural practice it improves sustainability by protecting the soil from erosion. In turn, reducing the need for irrigation. This is because agricultural mulch has great properties as a protective layer of material. It slows the evaporation of water from the soil. This saves water, which reduces the amount of water that needs to be diverted for agricultural irrigation. Mulching is excellent at improving forestry sustainability. It does this by protecting the soil from erosion by wind and water. The mulch layer acts as a shield. Preventing the soil from being dislodged and carried away by the wind or rain.

Make Use Of Left Over Mulch

Leftover mulch is great for use on plant & flower beds, as it has a wide variety of benefits. For example, mulch can be used to save water, suppress weeds, and improve the soil around plants. It also gives your landscape a neat & tidy appearance. And it is excellent at reducing the amount of time you spend watering and weeding your plants. Mulch will also gradually break down to release nutrients into the soil and help improve the soil’s structure. Mulch can be applied around new plantings or to existing plant beds. It can be very helpful for new plants that need to be established. They will benefit from improved weed suppression and moisture retention in the soil.

  • Less Weeds
  • Improve Soil Water Retention
  • Regulate Root Temperature
  • Biodegradable
  • Reduce Plant Watering
  • Great For Soil Health
  • Discourage Pests
  • More Soil Nutrients
  • Attractive Finish
  • Keeps Soil Warm In Spring

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