Devon Tree Clearance Works

Expert Tree Removal & Professional Tree Clearance Services

Landmarc is able to undertake all aspects of tree clearance & tree removal works. From simple tree surgery to challenging & large-scale tree removal.

Devon Tree Clearance Works

Expert Tree Removal & Professional Tree Clearance Services

Landmarc is able to undertake all aspects of tree clearance & tree removal works. From simple tree surgery to challenging & large-scale tree removal.

Tree Clearance Services

Landmarc has years of experience conducting tree clearance work. We offer a variety of tree services. Our work is accomplished quickly and safely, leaving your property looking neat and tidy. Landmarc is able to undertake a wide range of tree clearance projects. From simple tree surgery to dangerous tree removal and large-scale tree clearance.

This is possible due to our modern fleet of excavators & specialist equipment that we carry in-house. This results in the quick, accurate and efficient removal of trees no matter the size. Landmarc wouldn’t be able to run this modern fleet without our qualified and experienced operators. Our operators ensure that safe working practices are maintained. This plays a crucial role in working to meet the needs of our clients.

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The Advantages of Mechanical Tree Stump Removal

There are many methods to choose from when you’re tasked with tree stump removal. For example, many try to remove tree stumps by hand. In our experience, this leads to poor use of time and a lot of back-breaking work. At Landmarc, we have been using mechanical stump removal methods for over 30 years. Using mechanical methods to remove tree stumps has enabled us to offer an affordable tree removal service. We are able to eliminate stumps quickly and efficiently.

This means that our clients are able to sit back and relax, whilst our trained operators safely remove their hazardous tree stumps and any related roots. Removing the whole tree stump prevents suckering & fungal root rot. It can provide many other advantages too. One example is the freedom to make use of the free space that will be gained from the removed stump. Many of our clients use this time to plant a new tree in its place or introduce new planting to their landscape.

Many people think that tree clearance is bad for woodland management. But you may be surprised to know that tree felling is a positive tool. It can increase the health a diversity of a woodland.

Did you know that tree shoots grown from coppiced stumps can grow as much as two metres in a year? Once fully grown, a tree grown from cut stumps can provide a never ending supply of self-renewing wood.

The Benefits Of Mechanical Tree Clearance

  • Cost Effective
  • Safer Than Alternative Methods
  • Fast & Efficient
  • Versatile
  • Experienced Operators
  • Modern Plant
  • Specialist Attachments
  • Undertake Large & Small Scale Projects
  • Fully Insured
  • CSCS Certified

Experienced Tree Surgeons

How Tree Felling Work Improves Woodland Habitats

  • Increased Sunlight
  • Diverse Habitats
  • Encourage New Growth
  • More Shelter
  • Open Glades
  • New Microhabitats
  • Remove Dominant Trees
  • Improved Visibility
  • More Food Sources
  • Wider Variety Of Wildlife

Remove Dominant Trees To Benefit Your Woodland

Woodland management is essential to maintaining a healthy & diverse woodland. Without a helping hand, many woodlands can become dominated by mature trees. These trees block out sunlight to smaller trees and plants. This can have a detrimental effect not only on plant life but also on natural wildlife and its supporting habitats. It is important that tree trimming and effective tree removal are undertaken. Many people don’t understand the importance of tree felling with regard to conservation. This is because it is often related to negative connotations. However, it is a positive tree service and is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy woodland ecology.

Without removing dominant trees, the woodland canopy would become overgrown & dense. This would hinder the growth of new saplings and potentially starve local wildlife of plant-based food. It is important to consider using local tree cutting services to undertake woodland management. This will allow for a large variety of woodland management plans to be considered. From coppicing to tree thinning.

Why Tree Felling Is Important For Woodland Wildlife

Tree felling is an important process for woodland wildlife. It helps to create a varied habitat with different age structures. This is important for many wildlife species that live within woodlands. This is especially the case during the early stages of a woodland’s development. Mainly because it helps to create varied habitats. We achieve this by removing older trees and leaving younger ones. We have found this great for producing microhabitats which can support a wider range of wildlife. Woodland birds also benefit from tree felling as they need a variety of different habitats to thrive.

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In addition to creating varied habitats, tree felling helps to create a more open landscape within a woodland. This is beneficial for woodland mammals, which need open spaces to move around in. It also helps to create better visibility. This is great for certain species as it makes it easier for predators to spot their prey.

Landmarc has been able to offer a range of tree removal solutions to local woodland owners. One of these solutions is coppicing. This specific method requires workings as a team to remove large dominant trees. However, the stumps of these trees are left in place to allow the tree to grow from new shoots. To begin with, these tree shoots may require careful pruning to encourage growth. But equally many shoots grow happily without any pruning at all. By means of the coppicing system, the woodland will have a structure that varies from brambles & scrub to open glades. In our experience, it is important that consistent work as a team is used to make sure that wildlife thrives when undertaking woodland management.

How The Landmarc Team Can Help You

  • Wide Range Of Tree Services
  • Experienced Team
  • Modern Plant & Equipment
  • Safe Working Methods
  • Quick & Efficient
  • Integrates With Your Woodland Team
  • Specialised Machine Attachments
  • In House Plant Fleet
  • Tested Project Management
  • Excellent Time Management

Frequently Asked Questions

If you own your own home, you’re usually free to fell trees in your own garden, unless they’re covered by a Tree Preservation Order or they’re in a Conservation Area. If you’re renting instead, remember to get a thumbs-up from your landlord first.

We’d always recommend to get any trees felled by an experienced professional as if any tree work or felling you do ends up causing damage or injury to your neighbour or their property—like if a tree topples over onto their shed unexpectedly—that falls under your liability.

When you’re considering work on a tree it’s essential to find out whether that tree is under a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). If a tree is subject to a TPO you will need to apply for permission first. This is because TPOs are legal protections put in place to safeguard trees that add significant value to the local environment and community.

However, there are instances where a TPO can be set aside. For example, if there’s a development project that has already received planning permission and the tree needs to be removed to facilitate this development, the TPO may not stand in the way. This isn’t done lightly, the planning authorities carefully weigh the benefits of the development against the value of the protected tree. They will consider factors such as the tree’s age, species, health, and its contribution to the landscape before making a decision.

You can often find a map of protected trees, either under Tree Preservation Orders or within Conservation Areas, on your local authority’s website. If you can’t locate the map, a quick call or email to your local council should get you the information you need. For example if you’re in Plymouth this is their TPO guide map.

If you own your own home, you’re usually free to fell trees in your own garden. However, if you live in a conservation area and your trees are not covered by TPO’s, you need to notify the local planning authority in writing six weeks prior to any intended work. During the six week notice period, you can’t start work without explicit authorization. If you don’t get authorization you may get a fine of up to £20,000 and the obligation to plant a new tree.

However, you don’t need permission to fell or prune trees with a diameter smaller than 7.5 centimetres and measured at 1.5 metres above the ground, or this extends to 10 centimetres in diameter if the work is for thinning purposes that promote the growth of other trees.

If you need to fell a tree outside of your private garden, you may need a felling licence to legally complete the work. It’s typically unlawful to fell trees that yield 5 cubic metres of timber without a felling licence. Before granting a licence, the appropriate government department will outline certain conditions. Some common conditions can include replanting and upkeep of the trees for a set duration. However, licences issued for thinning woodland don’t usually include a requirement to replant.

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