How Habitat Restoration Saved Over 10 Species of Butterfly at a Cornwall Nature Reserve

What was the need for habitat restoration?

Breney Common Nature Reserve is a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) in Cornwall, home to a variety of rare and endangered wildlife, including several species of butterflies. However, over the years, the woodland area that runs through the reserve has become overgrown and dense. This started blocking the butterfly population from crossing through the woodland. This hurt the butterfly population, as they rely on open spaces and nectar sources to feed and breed.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust, the organisation that manages the reserve, wanted to restore the habitat for the butterflies and other wildlife and improve the ecological value of the woodland. They needed a professional and reliable contractor who could carry out the tree clearance and stump removal work while minimising the disturbance to the existing wildlife and the landscape.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust - Heathland Restoration

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The Solution & The Results

Two excavators Forestry Clearing in breney common nature reserve

Landmarc, an environmental engineering company with expertise in habitat restoration and forestry management, was chosen by Cornwall Wildlife Trust to undertake the project. Landmarc’s team of experienced and qualified operatives used excavators with tree shears and grabs to selectively remove trees and stumps from the woodland, creating flight paths and open areas for the butterflies. The work was done in accordance with the best practice guidelines and regulations for wildlife conservation and health and safety.

The tree clearance and stump removal work by Landmarc resulted in a significant improvement in the habitat quality and condition for the butterflies and other wildlife at Breney Common Nature Reserve. The woodland area now has more light, space, and diversity of plants and flowers, providing food and shelter for the butterflies and their caterpillars. The flight paths also allow the butterflies to move more freely and colonise new areas within the reserve.

The project has been praised by Cornwall Wildlife Trust, who have said “Landmarc are a very professional and competent contractor who have carried out projects across multiple reserves that we manage. They are communicative and understand how to work on environmentally sensitive sites, including SSSI & SACs.” – Andy Collins.

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