December 21, 2023

Quay Wall Repair in Salcombe Part II

For part 1 of this project, click here

Unfortunately this job is continuing due to the nature of what was lurking behind the crumbling wall. Engineers were unable to foresee what material would (or wouldn’t!) be hidden behind the stone facing, so when the facing was removed, there were some surprises and it wasn’t as structurally sound as we’d hoped.

Along with PCA Consulting, we had many discussions and came up with a plan. There was a concrete beam in place along the corner part of the wall, which we were hoping to be able to brace and leave in place. However, this collapsed and a much larger part of the corner had to be repaired with concrete filled sand bags, complete with stainless steel ties to tie in to the new stone facing.

We are working our way along the wall, and now hopefully have tackled the worst of it. We’ll be off next week over the Christmas break, but back to it in the first week of January. The tides have been tricky to work around, and always slow down work in this setting, but the barge with our excavator situated on it are making the job move as quickly as possible.