Otter Ledge in Somerset

After an ecological survey in Radstock, Somerset, Linden Homes asked Landmarc to design & install a ledge to provide safe passage for the otters through a culvert beneath the road. Otters often prefer running along the river bank rather than swimming all the time, so this will provide a safe alternative route, avoiding traffic on the busy road. The shelf had to be installed above the level of high water so it was available at all times, and run the entire 55 meter length of the culvert. In our Dart Fabrication workshop, we fabricated a galvanised steel frame with support brackets that were bolted to the side of the culvert. The shelf itself was aluminium chequer plate with hinged access ramps at either end. Due to the depth of the water in the culvert, we had to come up with an access solution for installation. Instead of de-watering the whole culvert we used our tracked dumper fitted with a crane to lower our small work boat in to the watercourse from which our operatives could fit the steelwork. Now the otters have room to shelter and can avoid the busy road.

Kingsbridge Quay Project Completed

In October 2018, Landmarc were contracted by South Hams District Council to undertake the demolition and rebuilding of approximately 60 meters of the old quay wall at Kingsbridge. Due to the nature of the site being tidal, this created implications for periods of work. However, Landmarc designed a temporary work system of sheet piles which gave an extra hour either side of the tide. This enabled work to continue for longer periods. New foundations were cast up to 1.5 meters deep below the bed level of the estuary and foundations were poured in 4 sections. Timings were critical and tolerances were minimal. On completion of the foundations, approximately 300 cubic meters of concrete had been poured, with a tolerance of 6mm. Precast concrete units were then placed and fixed on the foundations, which enabled a new concrete wall to be faced with natural stone. This was then backfilled and compacted to the engineering specification. Finally, copings were fitted, new footpaths and dwarf walls were constructed. In addition, an area of car park was removed and re-laid to complete the work to the quay wall. The site was reopened in time for Easter 2019.

This is the second quay wall project that Landmarc has completed in the South Hams. Click here for more marine & civil engineering projects.