Shepherds Huts in Dittisham

Tucked away in a valley in Dittisham, South Devon, there was a steep site on which the owner planned to put 5 shepherds huts. It was quite a task, and A LOT of earth had to be moved to get all the levels just right! It’s the type of job where 60% of the work is unseen, with drainage, power and water from a bore hole all running through the site. A car park area was dug out and all the paths and tracks have been laid and rolled.Wildflower turf has been laid, and over 150 trees have been planted. It took a few months, but the results are stunning.

Each hut has its own pitch with patio, solid wood outdoor furniture & a wood fired hot tub.

Click the link to book your stay: Dittisham Hideaway

Natural Swimming & Wildlife Pool near Dartmouth

We were initially approached by the client to undertake a new project in an overgrown field site with the possibility of restoring a couple of ponds. However, once all the vegetation was clear, the ponds turned out to be old slurry pits so a totally different approach had to be adopted. First off, we had to deal with the slurry issue and arrange disposal in an environmentally friendly manner. We put forward a proposal to the client which maximised the potential of the site and work commenced to create a totally unique water feature. We utilised the existing drainage and run off so that the pool is kept topped up by a bore hole and selected rainwater run-off only. The perimeter of the pool has been turfed with areas of wildflowers. A stream, waterfalls and a header pool were constructed as a feature closer to the house, using an assortment of granite rocks, some weighing up to 3 tons. Lawns were re-landscaped, paths constructed and finally a deck was installed which can be used both as a sunbathing deck and a swimming platform. The water is crystal clear and with a depth of 9ft at the deepest and 4-5ft off the edge of the deck, it’s ideal for hot sunny days, or wild winter swimming for the bravest!

Landscaping project in South Hams

This is another of our current projects – a large landscaping job just down the road from us here in Halwell. We worked on this property for the previous owner, installing a large pool here a number of years ago. It has really settled in nicely, looking like it’s always been there. The new owner wanted to work on some other areas of the land, so we bought in the excavators and dumper to level this area and excavate for this stunning wooden greenhouse and planter area. The retaining wall made from gabion baskets with facing stone pairs function with style. We have since added an amazing sunken fire pit with nooks and crannies for wood storage, candles and inbuilt lights . . . and more gabion baskets! The low wall has been clad with matching stone too. A really beautiful project, we can’t wait to visit next year when it’s well established.

Innovative coastal defence solution - TECCO Cell

Introducing the new innovative solution for erosion, suitable for both coastal and river environments. This is the very exciting ‘TECCO Cell’, a Geobrugg product that was developed in partnership with some of our team members. It’s an extremely effective alternative to traditional sea defences such as rock armour, with a low ecological impact. We are currently installing this at Beesands for South Hams District Council. 4 years ago we installed a test cell here at Beesands, and it’s still looking as good as when it was first built.

We believe this is the future in erosion control, so if you want to get on board, please contact us about applications you feel would be relevant.

Bergmann 4010 HK Tracked Dumper

We’ve had a lovely piece of kit join the team, a preloved Bergmann 4010 HK tracked dumper. It needs a bit of TLC so is in the workshop getting a new coat in gleaming yellow!

New office now up and running

It has taken a while but we’ve made it through all the COVID setbacks, and are now working from our new office! We’re only here one at a time at the moment, whilst others work from home, so it’s quiet but so nice coming to work in this lovely, light environment. There are some more finishing touches to add, so keep checking for updates. We look forward to when we can all be in here together, and welcome visitors for a look around.

Beesands Coastal Erosion Works

We are re-visiting Beesands to extend the innovative coastal erosion solution that we installed 4 years ago. The Liebherr R922 long reach and Volvo EC140 excavators have been mobilised to site and excavations have started. Notice how far the land has been cut back in the 4 years since our solution was installed, this will stall erosion for the next 70m stretch . . .

Cheltenham Lake Project - Phase 2

Following on from phase 1, we mobilised all the plant and equipment back to site after the spring lockdown. We created a regeneration zone to filter the water naturally through stone and reeds, which cleans and filters the water to be pumped back in to the pool, making it a wild swimming pool. Then we fabricated and installed a jetty – perfect for jumping off and cooling down over the hot summer months. Pathways were laid through the woodland with wild meadow turf laid and fruit trees planted. From a plain field to a beautiful wildlife habitat, this project is what it’s all about.

New Liebherr long reach excavator joins the fleet

Our new Liebherr R922 long reach excavator has joined the fleet here at Landmarc. She went straight from the factory to the first site in Kent, installing 2 x 60m boardwalks in a new housing development. We currently have the Liebherr and the Doosan long reach 25 tonne excavators – so we are fully equipped for this winter’s jobs.

Cheltenham Lake Project - Phase 1

Back in November 2018, we went to do a site visit for a private client near Cheltenham. It was a huge greenfield garden/site surrounding the client’s property. They are lovers of the outdoors, and really wanted to create a haven for all wildlife centred around a lake. As plans developed, Marcus really saw the potential scope of this project and couldn’t wait to get cracking. The machinery was mobilised in August 2019 and work began. The Volvo EC140 along with dumpers and rollers created the shape of the banks for the lake. Next, liners were laid using a specialist attachment on the tilt rotator of the excavator and once this was laid, it was covered over to create a sealed lake. A small pool was created close to the house with a water cascade into the main lake. This stage was completed by November 2019. Stay tuned for the next update . . . .

CHAS Principal Contractor certification renewed for another year

Our CHAS (Constructor Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) accreditation for Principal Contractors has been renewed until 26th February 2022. This is an evidence based certification scheme, which shows we are committed to health and safety best practice.

If you would like a copy of our certificate, please email us a request to

New CAT 309 arrives at Landmarc

A new piece of kit was added to the Landmarc fleet in February 2020 – a shiny new CAT309. A mini excavator with net power of 52.4 KW and an operating weight of 9403KG, it is an integral part of the Landmarc plant & machinery. Fitted with a Rototilt tilt rotator, it is adaptable for use with buckets, grabs and a range of other attachments.  It was put straight to work down at Thurlestone beach, starting a project of protecting the sand dunes and golf course.

RNLI commemorative statues

Two statues have been designed to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Kingsbridge and Salcombe RNLI. The statue at Kingsbridge represents the first launch of the ten-oared lifeboat called ‘Rescue’ in 1869. A complimentary statue is situated in Salcombe, depicting the modern Tamar-class ‘Baltic Exchange III’ lifeboat. These both feature someone being rescued from the water, showing 150 years of different technology but the same lifesaving actions. The sculptures are made from bronze and two types of stone and situated on stone plinths. Secured within the plinths are time capsules (made by Dart Fabrication) overseen by the Cookworthy Museum in Kingsbridge and the Salcombe Maritime Museum in Salcombe.

This project was privately funded with local sculptor, Jim Martins, depicting the seascapes. The construction of these plinths was undertaken by our team here at Landmarc. These have been designed with the understanding and agreement of the RNLI. Salcombe Town Council, Kingsbridge Town Council and local authorities are fully behind this project. It was a project to complete our previous task of rebuilding the quay wall (see previous article). With the help of South West Crane Hire, the sculpture were very carefully lifted on to the plinths after the time capsules had been slid in to place, and then bolted on for security.

The unveiling of these commemorative pieces took place on Saturday 21st September 2019 by HRH Duke of Kent, first at Kingsbridge and then travelled by flotilla to Salcombe to unveil the second statue. With the RNLI being a charity funded institution, they welcome all those interested in contributing to their lifesaving activities to visit their website –

Otter Ledge in Somerset

After an ecological survey in Radstock, Somerset, Linden Homes asked Landmarc to design & install a ledge to provide safe passage for the otters through a culvert beneath the road. Otters often prefer running along the river bank rather than swimming all the time, so this will provide a safe alternative route, avoiding traffic on the busy road. The shelf had to be installed above the level of high water so it was available at all times, and run the entire 55 meter length of the culvert. In our Dart Fabrication workshop, we fabricated a galvanised steel frame with support brackets that were bolted to the side of the culvert. The shelf itself was aluminium chequer plate with hinged access ramps at either end. Due to the depth of the water in the culvert, we had to come up with an access solution for installation. Instead of de-watering the whole culvert we used our tracked dumper fitted with a crane to lower our small work boat in to the watercourse from which our operatives could fit the steelwork. Now the otters have room to shelter and can avoid the busy road.

Kingsbridge Quay Project Completed

In October 2018, Landmarc were contracted by South Hams District Council to undertake the demolition and rebuilding of approximately 60 meters of the old quay wall at Kingsbridge. Due to the nature of the site being tidal, this created implications for periods of work. However, Landmarc designed a temporary work system of sheet piles which gave an extra hour either side of the tide. This enabled work to continue for longer periods. New foundations were cast up to 1.5 meters deep below the bed level of the estuary and foundations were poured in 4 sections. Timings were critical and tolerances were minimal. On completion of the foundations, approximately 300 cubic meters of concrete had been poured, with a tolerance of 6mm. Precast concrete units were then placed and fixed on the foundations, which enabled a new concrete wall to be faced with natural stone. This was then backfilled and compacted to the engineering specification. Finally, copings were fitted, new footpaths and dwarf walls were constructed. In addition, an area of car park was removed and re-laid to complete the work to the quay wall. The site was reopened in time for Easter 2019.

This is the second quay wall project that Landmarc has completed in the South Hams. Click here for more marine & civil engineering projects.

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