July 11, 2023

Robo is having a baby!

We’re a couple of weeks away from welcoming a new addition to the team – a 75hp McConnell Robocut T800. This is going to complement our current McConnell RoboPower machine, ensuring that we can cover all jobs necessary.

Our current RoboPower is 140hp and a machine capable of large scale clearance, cutting diameters of up to 8″. The new Robocut is smaller at 75hp and cuts up to 2″ diameter. This will be more cost effective for projects where the full scale of RoboPower isn’t required, but still steep gradient clearance is needed. The new machine also works on land up to 50 degree gradient, and has rubber pads for ground protection.

If you have any projects where you think this may be of use, please give us a call to discuss as we are now making bookings for the Autumn 2023 cutting season.