November 30, 2023

Scrub clearance for The National Trust

Broomfield Hill is a National Trust site near Fyne Court in the Quantock Hills of Somerset. They had a 10 hectare area that required gorse and scrub clearance to re-establish the grasslands.

This is the first job where Big Robo and Mini Robo collaborated and worked together. This made it a very efficient job as not only did they travel together but they also got to work simultaneously, in size-appropriate scrub clearing, optimising our efforts for the task at hand. This was the best way to tackle this job, as it not only enhanced our efficiency but also contributed to our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Addressing the encroachment of scrubland presents a unique challenge in our ongoing efforts to maintain a diverse and thriving habitat. To strike a balance and preserve the varied ecosystems, we have implemented a strategic approach; this involves selectively clearing invasive scrub with Robo and Mini Robo, while safeguarding native grasses and vegetation. By creating distinct habitat patches, we aim to cater to the specific needs of different species that thrive in both environments. Click here to read more on scrub clearance.